Powerful, Real-time Data Analytics
at Your Fingertips

Give your educators access to meaningful data and amazing things can happen.

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Why do so many schools switch to our data analytics dashboard?

Saves Time

Eliminate the need to manually pull data every week from multiple source systems to create spreadsheets and stale reports.

Saves Money

Reduces resources required to run manual reports, saving hours of work every week.

Improve Performance

Take quick action to help at-risk students that need intervention before it's too late.

Improve Decision-Making

Use relevant metrics to elevate conversations with leadership using real-time data.
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Our Passion

Our company has decades of experience in business intelligence and data warehousing across multiple industries. Our passion is bringing this expertise to education. Our goal is to save you time, improve decision making, and ultimately improve student performance.

Our Vision

We believe data analytics can truly revolutionize the way we educate children in schools today, helping educators identify those most at risk, modifying education plans where necessary, and ultimately ensuring students are receiving the help they need to succeed.

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